Top Rated Best Eyeliner in 2020


Prestige Liquid Eyeliner

This intense dark liquid eyeliner draws on with high accuracy, because of a gently decreased wipe fiber tip. It doesn’t get more inky dark than this liquid liner, which skims on sparkling, wet, and smudge able, similar to a wellspring pen, yet dries delicate and matte. The long, dainty wand takes into account simple holding and consistent application.

At the point when one needs to say something with cosmetics, attempt Prestige Liquid Eyeliner. It gives a sensational hope to dazzling outcomes that genuinely make eyes sparkle and look characterized. This Prestige enduring eyeliner is quick and straightforward to apply with only one stroke to spare time and get the look required like a flash. The remarkable instrument with fiber tip gives more control for less wreckage, permitting the client to include a definition where it’s needed.

Top Rated Best Eyeliner in 2020


  • 12-hour extraordinary enduring and waterproof
  • Durable eyeliner makes ultra-fine, emotional lines to realistic plans everywhere.
  • Fiber tip instrument gives control to a snappy and simple application.
  • Perfect to the line and characterize eye 
  • Dermatological tried
  • Liberated from gluten and gluten subsidiaries

Urban Decay Perversion Waterproof Fine-Point Eyeliner

Urban Decay’s Perversion waterproof fine-point fluid eyeliner just got a significant overhaul – a brush tip that sets down semi-matte, dark color with exact application. The new ultra-fine, adaptable brush tip gives you full control quickly. Also, the waterproof equation continues going until you state when from available time to night time.

We stacked this pen with a definitive brush and a cartridge framework that takes into consideration a steady progression of ink for the smoothest application.


Top Rated Best Eyeliner in 2020

At that point, obviously, we filled it with our famously blackest dark shade, Perversion. The ultra-fine tip skims on soft without skipping or pulling, giving a smooth, controlled application. Effectively make everything from fine lines to striking, thick lines. Our waterproof equation sets down darker than-dark lines that dry down rapidly and last throughout the day (no smirching, running, or feathering). You’ll adore the shading result—it’s much the same as the entirety of our Perversion items.


  • Item Size: 0.018 fl. oz.
  • The new ultra-fine, adaptable brush tip gives you full power over your shape and flick easily
  • Also, the waterproof equation continues going until you state when, from available time to twilight, also to any perspiration sessions in the middle

HOURGLASS 1.5 MM Mechanical Gel Eyeliner

This miniaturized scale fine gel pencil has next level resilience, says cosmetics craftsman and imaginative executive of Glamsquad, Kelli J. Bartlett. I initially tried the Hourglass 1.5 MM Mechanical Gel Eyeliner on my hand, and it kept going through an exercise and a shower, so you realize it implies business. I love to utilize it on the inner edge of the upper lash line to make a vibrant look as it holds up to watery eyes.

Top Rated Best liner in 2020

Swipe on unadulterated, exact shading with this ultra-thin gel eyeliner pencil from Hourglass. A smooth, waterproof gel exemplified in a super-thin, click-enacted pen, 1.5MM Mechanical Gel Liner offers fresh accuracy, dark shading, and simple application—no pot, no brush, and no cleanup required.

The most slender, mildest, waterproof gel liner. Embodied in a 1.5MM mechanical pencil, this liner offers exactness precision and simplicity of utilization. No pot, no brush, no tidy up required. Only two ticks and one stroke makes sensational definition that opposes move for expanded wear. Accessible in 3 shades.


  • The remarkable recipe
  • Filled with a thin mechanical segment
  • It has the pliability, force, and Fortitude of a customary gel liner.
  • No pot, no brush, no tidy up required waterproof,
  • It moves verification and a dependable Recipe conveys broadened wear.
  • The accuracy 1.5MM tip guarantees easy to control and takes into account tightening in the middle of lashes.

STILA Smudge Stick Waterproof Liner

This performing multiple tasks eyeliner can be utilized as a conventional pencil liner or worn as an eye shadow when you smudge the equation with your fingers. The fine tip contains saturating fixings, so it won’t skip or pull while applying.

Stila’s top of the line Smudge Sticks are accessible in a cluster conceals that remain—not wander—for reliable shading result that is best in class. They include a mixed drink of saturating fixings that guarantee shading floats on smoothly (no pulling or pulling), and the waterproof equation won’t move or blur.

The Stila Smudge Stick Waterproof Eyeliner is anything but difficult to apply and evacuate. Our analyzers discovered it doesn’t drag the skin on application, and it will, in general, last well for the day. In any case, our analyzers thought that it became obtuse rapidly, making more slender lines progressively precarious to achieve. 

Top Rated Best liner in 2020


  • Simple to apply 
  • Delicate surface 
  • An enormous assortment of shades

Matte Liquid Eyeliner

Dell Ashley, YSL Beauté Director of Makeup Artistry, knows some things about extravagance excellence, yet there’s one drugstore most loved he keeps in his pack. He says the NYX Matte Liquid Liner is “an incredible spending plan well-disposed eyeliner since it offers rich shading and has decent, long wear.” And at $8 a pop, you can keep your cosmetics pack loaded with it as well.

A cosmetics craftsman must-have for both striking and exemplary looks, this eye liquid liner makes accomplishing the ideal feline eye easy. Matte Liquid Liner gives a thicker, smoother line faster than most eyeliner gel while permitting simple control of each line.

This smirch verification recipe skims onto covers with no pulling to make an enduring characterized eye look. The exactness brush tip allows you to quickly accomplish an ultra-fine misty dark line and beautiful matte completion. Including a vegetarian equation with no creature inferred fixings or results, all NYX Professional Makeup items are gladly mercilessness free, and PETA affirmed.

Top Rated Best Eyeliner in 2020


  • Exactness brush tip 
  • enduring and smirch evidence equation 
  • Matte completion 
  • Mercilessness free 
  • Veggie lover formula* (no creature determined fixing or result)


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