Top 5 Best 6v6 Tubes Reviews


Genalex Gold Lion 6V6GT Power Tubes

The Genalex Gold Lion 6V6GT is an incredibly top quality power 6v6 tubes from a genuinely legitimate producer. These are significantly superior to anything the Groove Tubes, which are lower in quality. These tubes are made by the New Sensor Group, which surpassed the assembling of Genalex Gold Lion tubes. They are the reissued form, obviously, yet the quality is unquestionably there.

The double 5U4GB rectifiers give an unshakable 440 volts on the plates. The main alterations done to the amp were redesigned screen resistors (5w 1K) and a variable predisposition control. I’ve done this with NOS tubes and the JJ 6V6 (an indestructible cylinder), however never with a Russian or Chinese item. Cheerfully there were no issues, or smoke, just incredible tone.

Top 5 Best 6v6 Tubes Reviews

 Try not to attempt this at home; it was just a test to check whether they would wear out on startup. As of now, there is no long haul execution information on future or street value, yet given the robust development, I anticipate that they should be equivalent or better than everything else in the present market contributions.


  • Coordinated pair 
  • Top-quality power tubes from an incredible producer 
  • 6V6GT tubes offer the smooth American amp tone 
  • An excellent choice for updating vintage speakers

Tung-sol 6v6 tubes

Indeed, this cylinder shows up practically indistinguishable from the Electro-Harmonix assortment, and it’s worked at a similar processing plant. The inward parts are the cylinder is climbed higher in the glass bottle. The base mica wafer has an alternate shape, and the getter (the piece of the automobile that showers the silver covering onto the glass) has an alternative way and moved to the base of the bottle. Neither of those segments influences the tone or dependability of the cylinder.

The favored OEM container of ’50s-period Fender Tweed Champ and Deluxe enhancers The Tung-Sol 6V6 tubes has a geometry intended to securely deal with the higher voltages utilized in guitar amps.


Top 5 Best 6v6

Hard tubes have the most elevated measure of tidy headroom before separation and bending. These tubes have high plate current (Ip) and transconductance (Gm) coordinating numbers. They take more time to arrive at immersion and favored by jazz, nation, and bass players. Hard tubes are additionally utilized by guitarists who depend basically on impacts pedals to create bending.

Medium tubes fall in the middle of delicate tubes and hard tubes. They show high headroom, yet will separate and twist when pushed. These tubes have plate current (Ip) and transconductance (Gm) coordinating numbers in the range. Exemplary stone guitarists and players who play a wide assortment of styles, for the most part, utilize medium evaluated tubes.

Telefunken Elektroakustik 6V6-TK Black Diamond

These tubes are similarly as rough and reliable as their American partners. All the organization’s tubes cryogenically treated for greatest strength and sturdiness and, in this way, tried to guarantee they’re matching the organization’s thorough benchmarks.

TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik Black Diamond Series Vacuum Tubes made in an organization with JJ 6v6 tubes of Slovakia. The new creation tubes intended to be agreeably creamy and tonally adjusted. Each cylinder thoroughly tried, cryogenically treated, and widely consumed. The TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik 6V6-TK is a recently made and cryogenic ally treated interpretation of the incredible 6V6 tubes.

Top 5 Best 6v6 Tubes Reviews

 As far as the sound quality, it’s demonstrated off of the first RCA 6V6 tubes discharged during the 1930s and will convey a comparable vintage tone that is somewhat less forceful than most popular tubes while still fit for working in requesting amps like the Fender Champ or Deluxe Reverb.


  • 6V6-TK Matched Pair 
  • TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik Black Diamond Series Tube 
  • A.F. Pillar Pent ode 
  • Octal Power Tube 
  • 6 Pin

JJ 6V6S tubes

JJ’s other vigorous line of intensity tubes, a 6V6 tubes delivered that is very acceptable. There is never again a need to look out extravagant NOS that have picked over for a long time. While there is a business opportunity for the NOS item, you are never again required to purchase NOS, so get extremely incredible outcomes.

They do clean with smooth, clear, excellent quality. On the opposite finish of the range, large bass notes that very much characterized by having a piano-like variety delivered. Wrench up the addition, and you will get everything from a soft mash to full-scale shouting twisting. What’s more, mush, however, an entirely controllable, melodic mutilation.

A very much tuned amp running the JJ 6V6-S tubes and getting a decent, reliable sign from your guitar may make you need to trade out your old TS808. The JJ’s placed in with a plate voltage of 440 volts and one-sided at about 80% of their evaluated yield. They would execute numerous 6V6 tubes (and had before). A present creation Les Paul Standard was connected, and the subsequent sound must depict as “insane.”

For around a half year, I have tormented by trying the JJ 6V6 in guitar intensifiers. That incorporates utilizing them, however placing them, in actuality, working circumstances. They have been liable to unpleasant dealing with, over biasing, and under influencing in amps with plate voltages extending from 380 – 475 VDC. The tubes would not kick the bucket, and the coordinating on them floated under two mamas over the life of the test. That is around a half year of constant use and misuse.

Electro-Harmonix 6V6GT Vacuum 6V6 Tubes

Several years back, this was the main acceptable sounding, all around fabricated 6V6 tubes to land on the scene following quite a long while of living with not all that right decision. It depends on the RCA type, and it does of a great job of looking, and some of the time seems like the vintage tube.

Generally, we would state that it just sounds quite a lot more musically rich than whatever you have available, and now and again and kinds will look stunningly better than the highest quality level JJs. So this is unquestionably a decent sturdy tube that sounds astounding as well as has an attractive sticker price. The strength is pretty spot on also, which is a generous reward.

A decent pair of these tubes will give a better tone than some other 6V6 accessible (coordinating the Tung-Sol). The overdrive is exceptionally smooth and “rich” with a delicate vibe. Incredible for cruel sounding amps or speakers. Even though the unwavering quality of this cylinder is commonly very acceptable, we have been having an exceptionally troublesome time getting great ones from the processing plant.

Top 5 Best 6v6 Tubes Reviews


  • Beam power tetrode with an extraordinarily evolved cathode covering, the cautious arrangement of the network, tri-compound plate material for immaculate execution up to 475 volts. 
  • An Ideal for high plate voltage intensifiers like the Fender Deluxe Reverb. 
  • Fabricated In Russia



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