Total gym vs Rowing machine. Benefits of gym


Bored? Getting fat? Fitness freak ? Don’t want to go in crowded gyms? then house gym is the solution for you!. Bodybuilding not only shapes your body but also enhances your mental ability. It is an important part in assessments of one’s good looks.
It’s 2020 these machines basically targets to increase comfort during your workout. Today’s article compares 2 such devices of exercise; Total gym and Rowing machine.

Rowing machine:

Just as it’s name suggests, you actually “Row – as in rowing a boat”. This basically involves the muscles of your entire body by using your weight as the opposing force. The machine helps you loose your weight, strengthen your muscles.

Rowing not only it helps you loose weight it also helps you developing a stronger immune system. While rowing your heart beat increases which provides oxygen to your body at a faster rate. Thus you start to breathe faster and your oxygen intake increases which is a sign of a positive cardio workout. 

According to the statistics, rowing for an hour can help you burn up to 570 calories, which is an amazing progress per hour comparative to conventional gym devices. Rowing specifically strengthens your back and enhance your body posture, it also helps you increasing your grip.

Many people considered rowing as an exercise for lower body. It helps you develop a better shape of your lower body, and strengthen your legs muscle. It stretches them which increase your lower body flexibility.

One of the most intriguing and interesting fact about rowing machine is that it can be used by all ages, and unlike other conventional exercise in the gym. It is relatively simple to do and anyone can do it, and due to machine built-in posture for rowing. You don’t have the fear of getting into wrong posture while rowing. Just read the instructions and you are ready to start.
Rowing machine is easily available in every gym store and falls in a price that’s affordable to most people.

rowing machine

Total gym:

It’s basically fitness system that’s made to facilitate you in exercising in your home and helps you build muscle strength doing various exercises.  
The machine is basically designed to use your own body weight as a resistance force for your workout. The Compatibility of machines is universal, and can be used by just anyone of any age. An additional feature it has to increase the intensity of your workout, you can adjust the incremental of the bench to suite your exercise intensity.

You can use the machine to perform various exercises, and for beginners total gym provides the perfect environment of developing muscle strength. It’s ideal for females who don’t want to build too much muscles but rather want their body tighten up.


Benefits of Total Gym:

Its because the machine uses persons weight as an opposing force which will help you getting into shape. But it won’t help you build those bodybuilder type muscles.

The total Gym equipment can be easily stored, since the equipment is usually fold able and fits in very less area, so it doesn’t takes up much of your space at home. The most significant advantage of total gym is that you get to have a proper gym at your house. Where you can practice almost every exercise you do at gym.

Getting the hang of performing exercises on total gym is also not very hard. Various internet videos guides are easily available teaching you different and creative exercise you can perform to develop muscle strength of various parts of your body. For example abs exercise on total gym.

Total gym is a serious fitness investment and not easily available on every gym store you visit, depending on the model the prices may vary.

Exercising and getting into shape requires motivation and will to keep at it. Assessment of total gym versus rowing machine in this sense is relative according to level of your motivation.

While rowing machine provides almost full body workout in low price it has no perks of adjusting the intensity of workout and can’t help you in covering up for all gym exercises. On the other hand though a costly setup.Total gym provides you experience of a mini gym setup at your home. You can adjust intensity of your exercises, and can imitate about just any exercise to strengthen your body. 

It’s always better to leave audience choose which is better or not.



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