Low profile elliptical


Elliptical is one of the low profile home based fitness equipment that is very comfortable to use for the solid workout. In this article, we’ll present top 5 best low profile elliptical with the features and drawbacks. These workout equipment’s are ranging from 1000$-2000$ which is not as much expensive than regular gym workout.

Specification about elliptical

Having a proper knowledge about the specification of the elliptical machine is very important before making any purchase of the machines. Specification may include its width, height, portability and machine workout plans and goals that you may achieve with it.

General details

If you’re thinking of buying such portable elliptical machine, then you must know the high of ceiling. Avery size of ceiling in America is round about 8-9. The machine could demand around 10 ceiling size.

You should also know the user’s requirements for the elliptical machine as most of them are custom build for special user or interest. If you’re under 6′, you may not have any issue with 8′ ceilings. If you’re around 8′, you should take necessary details about the fitness before making any purchase.

Second general information to consider is step-up height that you should look for while making any purchase. Most of the manufactures clearly mentions the step-up height with the specification of the machine while some of them may not. It is recommended to see the user’s reviews who actually tested it before making this decision.

Best elliptical for low ceiling

Fitness really X (class 710) 12-14″ step-size 1000$

Low profile elliptical


  • Pre-installed best elliptical workout plans for exercise. Easily stores the custom workout plans
  • Touch screen monitor makes it very easier to choose between different options on the screen and able to use during workout
  • You also connect the elliptical machine to your fitness app provided by the manufactures via Bluetooth. This will keep track of your workout plans and stats information.
  • Comes with 10 years warranty
  • Capacity of 300 lb in weight
  • Very good choice for low ceiling rooms

Horizon fitness elite E7 10″ step-size (1000$-2000$)



  • Most advanced in elliptical technology for fitness
  • Build-in workout plans
  • Able to connect to the manufacturer’s provided app for stats
  • Heart rate monitor system
  • Large monitor display to choose between plans
  • It comes with the build in speakers that entertains with music
  • Comes with 5 years warranty
  • 325 lb of total weight capacity

Nautilus elliptical E616 12″ step-size (1000$)

interactive ellpitical


  • Magnetic resistance with 25 levels so it gives complete control of the elliptical machine.
  • Pre-installed workout plans and able to upload your custom plans.
  • Heart rate monitor but no proper stats information.
  • Motorized incline to control between the workout difficulty and speed.
  • 10 years warranty but 3 years parts warranty.
  • Weight capacityof elliptical machine: 300lb


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