Buying used fitness equipment


If you’re planning to buy used fitness equipment for home, you may face a lot of difficulties to choose one. This is because there are tons of difference fitness and exercise machines such as treadmills,bikes and rowing machines etc. There are number of models available in each category with different features.

Hence, in this case, you need a little research to compare between machines specially when buying used ones which will save hundreds of dollars.

Why buy an old fitness machine

Its always a good approach to buy used fitness equipment to minimize the cost of the machine. You can easily switch between different old machines if you don’t feel comfortable with one machine. Two main reasons to buy an old machines is to save thousands of dollars while buying an already tested machine. Its good to buy an old fitness machine that you’ve used before in a gym or your friend’s home. Try buying an old machine which you’ve tested on regular basis.

Choosing the lowest cost new fitness machine

If you don’t feel comfortable with used fitness machines, you can buy new one at a low price usually ranges between 200$-300$. There are several top brands that are offering full featured machines at a very low price. You can see the customer’s reviews about the machines before making any final decision.

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Things to confirm before buying used machine

There are number of important things to consider before buying used machine. Which are given below.

  • First thing you’ve to decide is, choose a quality brand. Never look for an old or new machine which is not popular. When it comes to equipment’s and electronic machines, its always a good option to choose for famous brand name rather just looking the price.
  • Before buying used machines, you must check for external damage or cracks that is clearly visible on the machine. This is because, these small damages may leads to the machine break down or not working in the future.
  • Make sure the machine is safe to use, specially when buying weight lifting and heart beat and other stats monitoring devices.
  • You must check if the machine has available replacement or repair parts for the future in case of any break down.
  • Last thing to check before making any purchase is to check for the warranty of the equipment. In most the cases, used machines often don’t comes with the warranty. But its always good to go with the set with warranty if other options are available.

Where to buy old fitness machines

Once, you’ve made a decision which machine you’re interested in, you can buy it using from famous websites such as eBay, Recycler or any classified local store.


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