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stretching cages
stretching cages

The True Stretching Cage is a progressive idea that utilizes the normal way to deal with adaptability preparing. It assists clients with looking and feel much improved while decreasing their danger of injury. The True Stretching Cage gives a devoted, independent stretching region that permits clients a protected stage for complete stretching to expand adaptability. The True Stretching Cage disposes of the requirement for floor-based stretching or inclining awkwardly over other gear.


The Stretching Cage was created by universally eminent physical specialist Gary Gray and is utilized by various top proficient and university groups just as numerous expert competitors and their fitness coaches. It likewise highlighted at a large number of the top retreat spas around the world because of TRUEStretch the best bit of hardware accessible for augmenting adaptability. 

Research demonstrates that stretching for 3-5 minutes before jump-starting can speed up by as much as 5 mph. It is a straightforward method to improve your swing and diminishing the opportunity of injury. 


The progressive True Stretching Cage gives a committed, independent stretching territory that permits clients a sheltered stage for extensive stretching to expand adaptability and decrease the danger of injury. True Stretching Cage wipes out the requirement for floor-based stretching or inclining awkwardly over other hardware or an activity ball. The True Stretching Cage is the best in class standard in adaptability gear and gives a compelling stretching routine to all ages and body types. 


The impression of the TRUEStretch and True Stretching Cage Golf is 48″W x 87″H x 57″ D which secures your important floor space and increases the value of any activity schedule. Like all TRUE hardware, it’s worked to bear the rigors of day by day overwhelming utilization. The True Stretching Cage 11-gauge welded steel outline is ensured by a silver powder coat finish that will keep going for a considerable length of time and secured by a one-year parts guarantee. 


True Stretching Cage accompanies a simple-to-follow practice bulletin that is shown on the edge. This full shading photograph delineated showcase sorted out by muscle gatherings and highlights 30 diverse stretching works out. All intended to impersonate reality, genuine stretches. True Stretching Cage successfully extends the body in each of the three planes of movement (front to back, side to side, and rotational) while keeping the client in characteristic upstanding situations with four purposes of contact (two hands and the two feet) for legitimate body arrangement, strength and wellbeing. 

SELF-GUIDED Stretching Cage 

True Stretching Cage Golf incorporates a simple follow stretching schedule. These viable and basic activities are shown on a bulletin mounted legitimately on the unit. In the same way as other top competitors and coaches who follow comparable schedules, your golf player will rapidly understand the significance of adaptability and stretching to their general game.

5 Benefits of Stretching Cages

1. Stretching can improve the act. 

Tight muscles can cause a poor stance. In particular, the muscles of the chest, back (both lower and upper), and hips can cause a poor stance on the off chance that they are tight. A large number of us spend at any rate a part of our day sitting at a PC or taking a gander at a telephone or tablet. The position that common with these exercises (adjusted shoulders and forward head) is a place of poor stance. We can enhance this by stretching the pectoralis, upper trapezius, and hamstring muscles, to give some examples. 

2. Stretching can improve the scope of movement and forestalls loss of scope of movement. 

As we age, our joints lose scope of movement. We can balance this by stretching routinely. Regardless of whether the scope of movement in certain joints is constrained, stretching can assist with improving this. 

3. Stretching can diminish back agony. 

This to some degree goes connected at the hip with the act. If we have a poor stance in the upper back, the lower back redresses and can create torment. Additionally, if we have tight hamstrings or hip flexors, the lower back redresses and can create torment. Stretching the leg muscles and the muscles referenced for stance will probably assist with diminishing back agony. 

stretching cages


4. Stretching Cage can help forestall injury. 

On the off chance that you stretch a muscle excessively far, it will get stressed or torn. If your stretch and increment the range where a muscle can move, the probability of harming it diminishes. True Stretching Cage before physical movement explicitly forestalls injury by bringing bloodstream to the muscles, warming them up, and diminishing any snugness they may need to forestall a strain or a tear. 

5. Stretching can diminish muscle irritation. 

If you have irritation in a muscle or muscle bunch from an ongoing exercise or a muscle strain, a stretching cage can help mitigate a portion of this distress. Ordinarily, when we harmed, the muscles around the injury site take care of as a defensive reaction. By stretching these tight muscles out, agony and irritation can be lightened.


  • This Stretching Machine Improves Flexibility and Helps In Warm-Ups. Prepared To Use. 
  • Business Grade and Home Gym Fitness Machines with Attachment Options. 

Is it good to stretch every day using Stretching Cage?

You may be feeling that it’s difficult to cut out time in your timetable for work out, not to mention stretching. Be that as it may, most cardio and quality preparing programs to cause your muscles to fix. That is the reason it’s imperative to extend normally to keep your body working admirably. 

Regular stretching: 

  • Builds adaptability, which makes everyday undertakings simpler 
  • Improves scope of movement of your joints, which helps keep you portable 
  • Improves flow 
  • Advances better stance 
  • Calms worry by loosening up tense muscles 
  • Forestalls injury, particularly if your muscles or joints are tight

Essentials of Stretching Cage

It is imperative to comprehend the appropriate strategy. Ensure that you are stretching effectively to forestall injury. Inaccurate stretching can be unsafe for your muscles. On the off chance that you are harmed and as of now have a strained muscle don’t exhaust it. If you are stretching and you feel torment, you need to back off on the strained muscle to forestall harming the muscle much more. Likewise, attempt to concentrate on significant muscle ligament. These include the neck, shoulders, upper back, lower back, pelvis, hips, and legs. At the point when you stretch the significant muscles in your body, you will get the most advantages to improve your adaptability all through your entire body. At long last, make sure to stay aware of your stretching schedule


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