Best rowing machine under 200


Here you’ll find the best exercise machine for home use. All you need is the enough space in your room for the machine. Rowing machine is excellent for losing your body fats at home without spending thousands of dollars on alternative options.

In the article, we’ll shortlist the best rowing machines under 200$ for home use. Each of the machine has its pros and cons. Your decision is totally based on your requirements for losing body fats, muscles exercise, massage or more.

Stamina Body Rowing Machine:

This specially designed machine has a powerful build-in motion arms. This makes it stands in the first place than others as it is designed for extra comfort and reliability. The easy to adjust the density makes it very useful. Texture foot plates enhances its stability. It helps you body to improve improve the health by burning some calories and reducing body fats.

indoor rowing machine

LCD Screen gives statistics information such as calories burned or count of the strokes. This machine is best for people who want to have the operational workout with a very low budget.


  • Strong grip
  • Better in comfort
  • Adjustable density
  • User friendly LCD screen
  • Molded seat


  • Resistance is not compatible with high settings
  • Calorie count is not accurate

Sunny Health And Fitness Rowing Machine:

This sunny health and fitness machine is specially designed for home workout. The goal of this machine is to improve the body fitness. This machine delivers comfort to the body with gripped surface and easy to move parts.

This machine comes with hydraulic cylinder with up to 15 adjustable resistance levels. Just like other machines, it also comes with LCD monitoring screen and adjustable density level.

The price for this rowing machine is very reasonable with all the exciting features. But unfortunately, its not best for taller people.


  • Heavy steel frame
  • Use for building large muscle group
  • Padded seat
  • LCD monitor display
  • Easy to adjust the resistance level
  • Gripped footplate
  • Low budget machine


  • Non recommended for taller people

Stamina In-motion Roller:

This machine is smaller in size and fits easily in any room or space. This is one of the best portable roller machine under 200$ budget.

In features point of view, this machine is equipped with solid steel material that enhance its durability and quality. Supports full range arms, delivers smooth and low impact movement.

Just like the other machines, a monitoring unit is attached with the machine to monitor current workout status such as calories burned, strokes count etc. Paddled foot plate

indoor rowing machine


  • Better portability and storage
  • Small in size
  • Best in comfort
  • Better in grip
  • Comfort footplate
  • Adjustable density


  • Readings are little bit inaccurate
  • Uncomfortable handlebars


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