Top 30 Popular Baby Girl Names With Meanings

Baby Girl Names

Your baby girl is your life and what better to name her with the meaning that her essence includes. Peruse on to pick a delightful name for your baby girl from the rundown of baby girl names that incorporate extraordinary just as famous names that mean life.

Choosing the name for your baby girl is a difficult undertaking, particularly if you are narrowing down your hunt to a particular word or meaning. Naming your baby girl names is a great procedure and together with a significant huge undertaking as numerous things surface in the brain while picking a baby girl names. Individuals will, in general, have different measures while picking their baby names from being present-day and meaningful to strict.

baby girl names
baby girl names

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  1. Aoife
    Aoife in Hebrew means life and in Irish it means ‘one who gives life’, it is also the Irish form of Eve, one of the earliest names in human evolution.
  2.  Abella
    It has a source from French and Hebrew. It means the breath that is the source of life.
  3. Aizza
    This feminine Hebrew word means ‘life’. This is a unique, stylish name for your baby.
  4.  Anastasha
    This name has the origin of Greek and Hebrew, and it means ‘Resurrection’ or a new life.
  5. Aoibbhe
    This is a unique English name and has got an Irish origin which means ‘a beautiful life’
  6.  Avabelle
    A popular English name means ‘one who has a beautiful life’
  7. Beatrixe
    This name has an English origin and a Christian name meaning ‘explorer through life’.
  8. Betha
    This Hebrew name means ‘Oath of God’ or ‘life’.
  9. Chizue
    This Japanese name means ‘a person with a long life or endurance’.
  10.  Eawa
    This name has Hebrew origin that means ‘related to life’.
  11. Eba
    Eba is a beautiful Hebrew name which means life, the origin of life. It is also the Latin form of Eve, one of the earliest names in human evolution.
  12. Eiji
    A popular Japanese name means ‘a person with eternity’ and ‘cheerful’.
  13. Ella
    Ella is a popular name that has got an English and Danish origin which means ‘one who enjoys life’ or a ‘beautiful fairy’.
  14. Elu
    A super cool and stylish Hebrew name means ‘a person whose life is full of grace’.
  15. Evalyn
    This beautiful classic English name means ‘life’ or ‘to live’.
  16. Evika
    A perfect English name that has got a deep meaning. It means ‘a little one who has given her life for everything’.
  17. Godlefe
    This is a classic English name and the bearer of the name is a person who is dear in someone’s life.
  18. Golors
    An English Christian name that goes by the meaning of an independent person in life with determination, and originality. A well-disciplined girl is called Golors.
  19.  Gonora
    This British English name means ‘an enthusiastic and lively person who likes to live a life full of joy’.
  20. Grayce
    This is a traditional English name and it means ‘goodwill or a person who thinks positively in life’.
  21. Hisa
    This word has the Japanese origin which means ‘a person having a long-lasting life or everlasting’
  22. Jilian
    An ultra-feminine English name that means ‘a youthful person who enjoys her youth part of her life’.
  23. Jollene
    A widely popular English name meaning ‘a person who is very successful in their life and is very focused and powerful’.
  24. Kiena
    This name has Japanese origin which means ‘a person with a prosperous life’.
  25. Langhuie
    A unique English name meaning ‘a person with a long life or the lasting one’.
  26. Lizette
    This is a trendy Hebrew and French name meaning ‘Her life is an oath to the God’.
  27. Oriella
    A perfect royal name meaning ‘a person who is full of energy and life’.
  28. Raylene
    A modern yet classic English name meaning ‘one who brings a beam of light into the lives of other people’.
  29. Viviana
    This has the origin in Spanish, Italian, and Hebrew meaning ‘a person who is full of life’.
  30. Ziva
    The Hebrew name which means ‘a person who is lively or full of radiance and life’.

Top 30 baby boy names with meaning in life


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